Camping La Gallouette, a 4-star establishment in the English Channel in Saint Vaast la Hougue has many partners. These partners can be of different nature: website, association, other campsites, quality labels. Camping La Gallouette is part of the association Ouest Normandie Camping, an association of outdoor hotels to develop the Campsite in Normandy. In this context, the association ONC (for West Normandy Camping) seeks to develop camping activity in Basse and Haute Normandie. For this, they take part in exhibitions or develop ways to improve the visibility of all their websites on search engines. They also participate in raising the awareness of outdoor hotel establishments to the problems of the web and find new possible animations for campsites in high season. Ouest Normandie Camping is also at the origin of the development of several softwares like a mobile application of rent of pitches and hiring of camping in situation of mobility since an Android or an iPhone

Campsites partners of the Gallouette members of the association West Normandy Camping:

Camping Les Rochers des Parcs, The Court, 14570 Le Vey
Camping Castel l Brick Anse, 18 The Cove Brick, 50330 Maupertus-sur-Mer
Escapade, The Church, 14490 Cahagnolles
The Roserai of Omaha, Church Street, 14710 Surrain
The White Road, 6 The White Road, 50290 Bréville-sur-Mer