Discover the terroir of the Cotentin and the specialties of the gastronomy manchoise astonishing rich, colorful and gourmet… A round of exquisite flavors that your taste buds will not forget anytime soon!

Fish and seafood from Cotentin

The basin of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue is the oldest oyster basin in Normandy. High in the open sea, both iodized and fleshy, the oyster of Saint Vaast is characterized by its nutty taste. It owes this aroma to the peculiarity of the Norman coastline whose coastlines are swept by large tides and important currents. to taste nature or with a dash of lemon and a good Isigny butter with seaweed! You can also crack for a pan-fried scallops, a pot of mussels of Barfleur or the famous blue lobster of the Cotentin (the “Damsels of Cherbourg” small lobsters cooked in the court-broth)… If you are rather “fishy”, you will enjoy a delicious line bar net!

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The culinary specialties of Cotentin and Basse-Normandie

During your gourmet discovery, do not miss the caramels of Isigny, the smooth milk jam at wish, the necessary (brioche which to be tasted, hot or cold, with the “teurgoule”, typical dessert normand), the Normandy tart (cream, butter, Calvados and Old apples), the hatch of Bricquebec (cheese with pale yellow paste medium-hard), the carrot of receivables with unrivalled sweet taste, the leek of debts or the Louise-Bonne of Avranches (variety of pear elongated)… the list would be too long to enumerate! You will have understood, the regional specialties of the channel are counted by hundreds!

Gosselin House, Deli in Saint Vaast la Hougue

Among the essentials of Normandy gastronomy, the Gosselin House is a veritable institution. This fine grocery store in the English Channel located in Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue offers products of a rare quality. : Fish soup in Calvados with flower of salt, Cassoulet of the sea, sauerkraut with the dummy of Vire, Rillette of Saint Jacques with the pommel of Normandy… Now that you have the water in your mouth, you just have to cross the threshold of the shop during your stay at the campsite!

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Cotentin’s Cider

The ciders of Cotentin benefit from the appellation of origin controlled cider Cotentin. Crude, it is the rage around a dish of lamb, guts or a good antler. Extra-Crude, it is enjoyed as an aperitif, on red meats, game, or fresh cooked fish. With oysters and seafood, it’s a discovery! Semi-dry, it accompanies the sweet pancakes beautifully.

Come and discover the cider from the Ferme de la Commanderie at the Normandy campsite in St Vaast, available for sale in our grocery store throughout the season.

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