Discover the terroir of Cotentin and the delicacies of manchoise gastronomy surprisingly rich, colorful and gourmet … A round of exquisite flavors that your taste buds will not forget anytime soon!

Fish and seafood from Cotentin
The Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue basin is the oldest oyster basin in Normandy. Raised in the open sea, both iodized and fleshy, the Saint-Vaast oyster is characterized by its nutty taste. It owes this aroma to the particularity of the Normandy coast whose coasts are swept by large tides and important currents. To taste nature or with a stroke of lemon and a good Isigny seaweed butter! You can also crack for a pan-fried scallops, a pot of mussels from Barfleur or the famous blue lobster Cotentin (the “Misses de Cherbourg” small lobsters cooked in court-bouillon) … If you are more “fish”, you will enjoy a delicious filet of online bar!