1.Conditions of stay

To be admit to enter, pitch and stay on a campsite you must have permission from the manager or his representative. The manager’s role is to ensure the upkeep and smooth running of the campsite and to ensure that the campsite regulations are respected. Satying on the campsite implies your acceptance of these regulations and your agreement to comply with them.

It is forbidden to take up residence on the campsite.

  1. Police formalities

Minors who are not accompanied by their parents will only be admitted with written consent from the latter. According to Article R. 611-35 of the code of entry and residence of foreign nationals and right of asylum, the manager must ensure that foreign clients complete and sign a registration upon on arrival. It must mention :

1° Name and surname ;

2° Date and place of birth ;

3° Nationality ;

40 Adress.

Children under 15 years old can figure on parent’s registration.

  1. Installation

Motorhome, tent or caravan and all equipment must be installed on the pitch designated by the campsite owner or his representative.

  1. Reception

Reception desk is open from 8 :30 am to 12 :30 am and from 2 pm to 7 :00pm. In July and August from 8am to 1 :00 pm and from 2 :00pm to 8 :00pm. At the reception desk, you will find all information about camping services, sports facilities, touristic visits of the surroudings and useful information and adress.

A system for collecting and processing complaints is available.

  1. Display

This rules and regulations is displayed at the entrance of the camping site and in the reception. Each customer can have it on request.

For classified camping sites, category with tourism or leisure mention and the number of pitches must be displayed.

All services prices are given to customers under the conditions set by order of the Minister of Consumer Affairs and available at the reception desk.

  1. Departure procedure

Customers are to inform the reception office of their departure the day before they leave. Customers who may depart before opening of the reception desk must pay for their stay the day before they live.

  1. Calm and silence

Customers are to avoid talking loudly and making any noise which could disturb their neighbours. Sound devices must be adjusted accordingly. Car doors and boots must be closed as quietly as possible.

Dogs and other pets must never be left alone. They must not be left at the campsite, even if locked up, in the absence of their owner, who are civilly responsible for them.

Manager carries tranquility out by setting schedules during which silence must be total.

  1. Visitors

Permission from the campsite management is required before visitors may enter the campsite. Visitors are under the responsibility of the campers who invited them. Customers can host one person or more at the reception.

Visitors may use the campsite services and facilities. However, the use of these facilities may be subject to an extra, according to the rates displayed at the campsite entrance and in the reception office.

Visitors’ cars are not permitted on the campsite.

  1. Traffic and parking

In the campsite, vehicles must drive at limited speed. Traffic is allowed from 7 :45 to 22 :30pm.

Only vehicles belonging to campers can stay in the camping. Parking is strictly prohibited on the spaces usually occupied by the accommodation unless a parking space has been provided for this purpose. Parked vehicles must not obstruct traffic or prevent new arrivals from setting up.

  1. Condition and appearance of installations

All campers must refrain from any action that could affect the cleanliness, hygiene or appearance of the site and its facilities, including toilets / washing facilities.

Dirty water must not be emptied onto the ground or into the gutters. Campers must empty their dirty water in the areas provided for this purpose.

Domestic waste and all rubbish must be disposed of in the dustbins provided.

Clothes washing is strictly forbidden except in the sinks provided.

Washing may be hung out on common clothes line if applicable. However it is allowed up to 10 am near camping installations and accommodation, provided that this is done discreetly and does not disturb the neighbours.It should never be made on trees.

Plants and flower decorations must respected. It is forbidden to knock nails into trees, to cut branches or to plant anything on the campsite.

It is forbidden to mark the limits of one’s pitch in a personal way or to dig up the ground. Any damage caused to the vegetation, fences, camping grounds or installations will be the reponsability of the perpetrator. The pitch used during the stay must be left in the same condition it was found in on arrival.

  1. Safety

a) Fire

Open fires (wood, charcoal, etc) are strictly forbidden. Stoves must be kept in good condition and must not be used under dangerous conditions.

In event of fire, inform the campsite management immediately. Fire extinguishers are available if necessary. A first aid box is situated at the reception office.

b) Theft and suspicious behavior

The campsite management is responsible for objects left in the office and has an obligation to keep a general watch over the campsite. The camper is responsible for his own equipment and must inform the management any suspicious person on the site. Campers are requested to take the usual precautions to safeguard their property.

  1. Games

Violent or obtrusive games may not be organised close to or inside the campsite buildings. The meeting room cannot be used for lively games. Children must always be watched over by their parents.

  1. Storage

Unoccupied tent or caravan may be left on the site without the management’s authorisation, and if granted, only on the pitch indicated. This service is subject to an extra.

  1. Infringement of the campsite regulations

If a camper disturbs another camper or does not respect the campsite regulations, the campsite owner or his representative can, if he deems necessary, give a formal verbal or written warning to cease the disturbance. In the event of a serious or repetitive infringement of the campsite regulations after the warning to comply by the rules, the management reserves the right to terminate the contract and stop the stay. If the camper commits a criminal offence, the management may call on the police.

Special conditions :

2.1. Minors who are not accompanied by their parents will only be admitted with written consent from the latter and after authorization from the manager or his representative

8.1. Visitors are allowed to enter in the campsite between 10 :00am to 9 :00pm.

10.1. Vehicle cleaning is strictly forbidden.

10.2. All rubbish (papers, plastic and glass) must be sorted. No one rubbish can be found on the ground.

  1. a) Barbecues must be out at 22 :00pm. Using disposable barbecue is strictly forbidden.

13.1. This extra does not include electricity.

  1. Pets

Pet owners must show vaccination card to the reception upon arrival.Not any dog mess is allowed in the campsite (risk of eviction).