From the campsite, discover Tatihou Island…

This is the beginning of a picturesque sea trip between the oyster parks to the island of Tatihou. This island of multiple wealth, with an area of 29 hectares, becomes a peninsula at low tide. At high tide, from the quay of Saint Vaast la Hougue, board the Tatihou II and let yourself be carried away by the waves. This curious amphibious boat which literally rolls on the bottom of the sea is accessible from our Tatihou Island campsite! You can even walk to the island at the rhythm of the tide, through the oyster parks. Once docked on this real open-air museum, go to one of the Vauban Towers from where you can admire the panorama of the bay and the campsite! Stroll in the Tatihou gardens and its acclimatization garden. The maritime museum with its archaeological furniture from the wrecks of the battle of la Hougue (1692) will plunge you into the heart of naval battles. During this stopover on the island, you will observe many sea birds since Tatihou Island has also become a natural ornithological reserve.

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camping Traversée de Tatihou

Heritage : Fort Vauban, the Vauban Tower

The Vauban Tower is a key element of your visit to Tatihou. Located at the end of the island, it is classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, among a group of 12 fortified complexes built by Vauban all over France. It was built in 1692, following the Battle of La Hougue to defend the Normandy coast. Then restored in 1990 to erase the damage suffered since the beginning of the 20th century (and the remains of the German occupation during the World WarII). Climb to the top of the tower and enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and the village. Together with its twin, the Hougue tower, they form the Vauban Towers.

Set of fortifications :

  • an 18th century chapel
  • a powder magazine (19th century) and former barracks now converted into a restaurant
  • Tatihou Fort

Things to see, things to do on Tatihou Island

  • The Maritime Museum is located in the former lazaret hospital. At the maritime museum, maritime history and ethnography of the coasts of Lower Normandy await you, with archaeological furniture from the wrecks of the battle of Hougue (May-June 1692).
  • The Tatihou gardens are home to the indigenous flora of La Manche Atlantic-Mediterranean coasts.
    • A botanical garden of 800m ² reconstructing different natural coastal environments (salt mud, dune, rock, sea grass).
    • An acclimatization garden where the flora of the southern hemisphere (New Zealand, Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean) is well represented.
  • The carpentry workshop : Not a conventional building trades workshop but a naval carpentry workshop still in operation. Traditional boats from the Museum’s collections are restored there. This is where the replica of L’Ami Pierre (1860), Barfleur’s bisquine, was made.
  • The ornithological reserve of the Tatihou island of the Cotentin where you can admire nearly 150 species of birds.

Tatihou Island is also great events!

In addition to its exceptional viewpoint and its oyster beds, the island is famous in Normandy for its music festival: Les Traversées de Tatihou. A festival of traditional music, it brings together artists from all over the world. Singing, dancing, cinema or art of all kinds, it takes place mainly on Tatihou Island and on the Festival village behind the port of St Vaast, a few cables from the campsite. There are even a few events a little further away in the Val de Saire. Its particularity ? The festival-goers go to the concerts on foot when the sea withdraws. The Tatihou crossings attract more and more festival-goers every year.

If you are rather sporty, events in Saint Vaast la Hougue punctuate the summer season on Tatihou Island. Running, sailing, regattas or Stand Up Paddle courses, there’s something for everyone.


  • Tahitou meaning Tat (name) land surrounded by water (hou in noroit) was named by the Vikings.
  • The oysters of the oyster parks of Tatihou are very famous and every summer you can take part in the visits of these parks by registering at the tourist office of Saint-Vaast.
  • The eponymous island is accessible on foot at low tide or by amphibious boat at high tide from Saint Vaast la Hougue. The tide coefficient brochure is available at the reception of your camping Manche.
  • Our Normandy seaside campsite is located just opposite Tatihou Island and offers you a special discount on the purchase of your tickets, so let yourself be taken on board!

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