For the first time in Saint-Vaast, come participate to the Spring Festival!

ACOPA, the association of shopkeepers, fishermen, oyster farmers and craftsmen of the city of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue whose campsite La Gallouette is a partner, has prepared a nice program to honor the arrival of the spring in Normandy. After the organization of many events throughout the year such as the Oyster Festival, Christmas animations, place at the Spring Festival!

All day April 28, from 10h to 19h, come stroll on the harbour of St-Vaast-la-Hougue. You will discover many activities under the sign of the beautiful days, in a vintage atmosphere through an exhibition of vintage cars and Solex. You will not be mistaken since one of the 2 CV of the campsite La Gallouette will be part of the bucolic setting at the entrance of the city.

This will be the kickoff of spring in the Cotentin. The return of the colors after the winter and the beginning of the beautiful warm and sunny summer days … A taste of holidays by the sea! The sale of flowers will be an opportunity for you to choose which flowers will beautify your garden. From initiation to country dancing at the honey stand to a sale of furniture in pallets and pnoufs, this day will delight all the family, big and small. To eat lunch, and enjoy the best of your Sunday, a giant paella is offered. Remember to book as soon as possible. You have a small hollow? Turn to the Candy bar to offer a sweet treat …

From the campsite La Gallouette, during your spring break, here is an idea of ​​perfect distraction within 5 minutes walk. An idea of ​​original output that combines relaxation and discovery of our charming port city of Val de Saire.