During your stay at 4 star La Gallouette campsite, we suggest you discover preserved and calme places like the Vallée des Moulins of Fermanville which mix seaside charm and countryside calm. Located in the heart of the Val de Saire, between Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and Cherbourg, mill valley takes places in Fermanville on the east cost of Cotentin. This town of la Manche, well known for its touristic attractions as well Cap Levi or Anse de Birck, presents a valley which is crossed by a viaduct, former railroad line which linked Barfleur to Cherbourg. Different trails give you the oppotunity to go on hiking for 1 hour in the heart of nature and heritage of Val de Saire. From the viaduct, you will admire the coastline of Cotentin to the harbour of Cherbourg en Cotentin.

Historically, valley accomodate « Tue Vaques » viaduct built for railroad line « Barfleur-Cherbourg » between 1908 and 1911. This railroad line allowed the transport of truck farming products, from local and small producer of Val de Saire to Cherbourg. At the beginning of XXth century, this valley counted a wide range of windmill in activity, which gave it its name. Nowadays, touristic site of « Moulin de Marie Ravenel » shows this precious heritage, proposing you guided tour and activities around bread making.

During your stay at La Gallouette campsite, rent one of our Citroën 2CV. Our « Val de Saire road book » will bring you to Fermanville by the way of other beautiful varied sceneries: from « La pointe de Saire » to Anse de Landemer and Montfarville, Gatteville lighthouse and « Pointe de Néville »….